Kelce faced questions surrounding his girlfriend ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

The reporter tried to examine Kelce’s knowledge of Swift’s songs further by asking him to complete the original lyric, much to the bemusement of the baffled Chiefs star. Seemingly brushing away the query, Kelce seemed confused and asked: “What was the second question?”

It is unclear whether Kelce didn’t know the answer or simply just didn’t hear the question properly. Following on from this exchange, the reporter decided to pull the stunt once more, when sitting down to speak with Kelce’s teammate Patrick Mahomes.

The popular QB was then asked to finish off another Taylor Swift lyric, this time from her hit ‘Karma’, with this leading to a rather amusing exchange. True to form, the reporter started, “It’s me…” and Mahomes correctly chimed in to recite the words perfectly, adding: “Hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.”

Mahomes laughed about it later, saying, “I know that one… I’m glad you gave me that one, that was an easy one. I’m going to stay away from you now, I don’t want to get tongue-tied out here.”