Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes is breaking another Super Bowl barrier for Black quarterbacks

In February for Black History Month, USA TODAY Sports is publishing the series “29 Black Stories in 29 Days.” We examine the issues, challenges and opportunities Black athletes and sports officials continue to face after the nation’s reckoning on race following the murder of George Floyd in 2020. This is the fourth installment of the series.

So from 1987 through the 2011 season there were just three Black starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl, meaning 88% of the starting quarterbacks were white and 12% Black.

Then came a mini-burst of Black Super Bowl starting quarterbacks that was a sort of sparkplug for change. Kaepernick in 2012, Russell Wilson the next two years and Cam Newton in 2015. Black quarterbacks were finally and consistently being viewed more positively (racism is a helluva thing) but still there hasn’t been a Black quarterback that led a dynasty … until now.

We are in the Patrick Mahomes Era. A Black quarterback has a dynastic, championship foothold, something we’ve never seen before. This is Mahomes’ fourth Super Bowl appearance and he’s just 28.