Jason Kelce’s Wife Kylie Inspires Bidding War for a Good Cause

Kylie Kelce’s Eagles bomber is raking in the dollar signs, though she won’t see any of the payoff.

The wife of the Philly football team’s center, Jason Kelce, instead partnered with the team to auction it off in support of its Autism Foundation, sparking a bidding war that saw Wrexham FC co-owner and Mythic Quest star Rob McElhenney offering up the big bucks for the little piece of history, though he was ultimately outbid when the jacket sold to an anonymous winner for $100,000.

The kelly green letterman jacket, which retails for $400 through Philly-based Mitchell & Ness, includes gray and white accents and the team’s old-school logo and mascot on the back. It’s throwback merch that replicates a custom item that was once favored by Princess Diana, was autographed by Kylie, and McElhenney was quick to bid $10,050 on it.

Jason and his brother, Travis Kelce, were hyped over his participation, bringing up on an episode of their podcast, New Heights, that he was the highest bidder before someone else swooped in with a $20,000 offer.

McElhenney shared the clip on Twitter, tagging both brothers and cheekily suggesting they “hit refresh” on the auction page, which revealed that he’d raised his bid to $62,000 — seemingly a nod to Jason, as his jersey number is 62.