Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie flatly denies setting Travis Kelce up with Taylor Swift For

Along with Travis Kelce’s on-field injuries and updates, the Kansas City Chiefs star is in the spotlight for his dating life.

During a recent episode of their “New Heights” podcast, Travis and his brother Jason Kelce spoke to Jason’s wife, Kylie. They also talked about Travis’ show “Catching Kelce” and his current dating life.

Apparently, Kylie Kelce isn’t looking forward to setting Travis up with anyone.
A fan who seemed particularly interested in Travis Kelce’s dating life asked Kylie if she had set up the younger Kelce with anyone.Kylie said she hadn’t and would not be setting up the two-time Super Bowl champion with anyone.
“I have not set you up with anyone. I have not. And I would not ever. No,” Kylie said.
One of the reasons was that her friends were already married or dating.

Travis Kelce, however, seemed to have accepted his fate:
“Things are not looking up for me.”
Sending out a proposition, he said:
“Any 92% is out there still looking for someone to breed with.”
In an earlier episode, the brothers spoke about Travis’ unsuccessful attempt at befriending Taylor Swift. Kelce had tried to give her his friendship bracelet and set up a meeting, both of which were rejected by the pop star.