Jason Kelce Shares ‘Startling’ Image of What He Looked Like at 14

In a clip from this week’s episode of New Heights, uploaded to the podcast’s Instagram account, Jason Kelce is treating fans to another throwback photo from the football star’s childhood hockey days.

In fact, we got to feast our eyes on two snapshots predating his NFL and Swiftie-adjacent popularity, including one “startling image” of the center as a teenager—specifically, at 14 years old. It appeared to be a team headshot or yearbook photo, in which the much younger Jason stared at the camera with a straight face in a collared shirt and tie.

“You mean the greatest center of all time?” Travis hyped him up, showing another photo of Jason’s 14-year-old head photoshopped over a photo of him in his Eagles uniform.

It all started when a fan sent in an old photo of himself “getting trucked” by the Eagles Center during a high school hockey game.

Me getting trucked by Jason Kelce,” he captioned the snapshot, which appeared to show Jason in a yellow, black, and white uniform throwing another player in Eagles green to the ice.