Jason Kelce Mourns Shane MacGowan’s Departure as Tweet Before Death Resurfaces

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and gridiron partner in crime, Travis Kelce, delivered a musical tribute that even the football gods would applaud. Paying homage to the legendary Shane MacGowan of The Pogues, the Kelce brothers orchestrated a touchdown of talent with their cover of ‘Fairytale of Philadelphia,’ turning the classic Christmas hit into a sonic touchdown dance.

But this wasn’t a random play call. MacGowan acknowledged the Kelce duo’s musical prowess before his final curtain call, tweeting praises that echoed through social media. In his last social media interaction, the Irish bard gave a nod to Travis and Jason’s rendition, leaving fans and followers alike saying, ‘Tell them I am knocked out.‘

Jason Kelce breaks through doubts with praise for Shane MacGowan

Jason Kelce posted a statement on platform ‘X’ in response to the question on his tribute for the late great Shane MacGowan. In a move smoother than a well-executed flea-flicker, Kelce made sure his words hit hard.

Captioned, “No, I released a statement to the New York Times, but I’ll post it here so that everyone can see it on social media.” Kelce heaped praises for the legendary singer. “Shane’s prowess as a singer, songwriter, and poet was truly a gift to this world,” he declared, as if breaking through the defensive line of doubt. “He could make you feel what he was saying, attached his soul to his music.”