Jason Kelce & Kylie Kelce Had to ‘Wrangle’ Their Kids For a Holiday Photo & All Parents Know the Struggle

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Behind every wonderful holiday photo is a parent threatening their child to smile. ‘Tis the damn season, right? Even if you’re famous — with extra hands on deck to help out — it’s still a struggle. Jason and Kylie Kelce recently admitted to having to “wrangle” their daughters for a photo, and it’s all too relatable.

Jason and I definitely, it’s definitely a joint effort to wrangle our children,” Kylie told PEOPLE of her and her husband, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles. “There’s all hands going out to grab whoever we can, to make sure that we can keep them as close as possible.”

And when things are already chaotic, why not add a little more? “We had a few photos this year with the dogs which just adds a whole new level of challenge,” she added. We don’t even have to imagine it because we live it every year! Dressing kids up, making sure their hair is brushed and their mouths and noses are clean, then getting everyone to smile (at the same time!!) is basically a Christmas miracle.

The Kelces, who are parents to daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 8 months, share a funny photo with PEOPLE that shows a behind-the-scenes moment. Kylie is holding Bennett in one arm, who is just staring blankly straight ahead. Elliotte is trying to escape from her other arm, and Wyatt is standing up, trying to make her baby sister laugh. Jason and Kylie clearly embraced the craziness, because they are both laughing in the silly shot (we vote this should be their Christmas card photo!).

In another photo outtake, Jason reads his eldest daughters a book, completely obvlivious to baby Bennette grabbing her mom’s hair. It’s so adorable!

Kylie shared an adorable video from the day as well on her Instagram. Kylie gently directs her kids to keep her hands to herself and turn toward the camera, Jason tries to stop a kid from picking his nose and the dog from climbing all over the couch, and it’s such a real moment that we definitely feel a little better about our own holiday photo shoots.

“I’m prepared for football, I’m not prepared for the holiday season,” Jason hilariously says in the clip.

“Preparation was making sure that they had a nutritious breakfast because we were about to bribe the living daylights out of these children,” Kylie says, as Jason shares a donut with Elliotte. “It’s an endurance game,” she adds. So freaking true!

In the interview with PEOPLE, Kylie praised photographer Stephanie Beatty and their family babysitter for helping them get the perfect picture in the end. “We even had our babysitter out just in case we needed some extra hands,” Kylie explained. “But it was made much easier because of Steph and her expertise and all the extra hands on deck.”

There was also a sweet photo of all three girls sitting next to each other on a couch set up outside and all three are smiling! If I got my three kids to look and smile at once, I’d probably pass out. That is a truly amazing photo!

Let’s go into this holiday season remembering that things are stressful for everyone, and we’re all just doing the best we can. And if you want to order your own holiday cards from Minted, visit www.minted.com/holiday. Starting at $69 for 25.