Jason Kelce Came Into Her Hot Dog Restaurant and ‘Tried To Roast the Queen’

When Jason Kelce walked into the Chicago restaurant where Poochie Rollins works on Wednesday, Rollins had some insults ready for Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s brother, who doubles as the Philadelphia Eagles center.

Kelce had just been named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive, which was an easy mark. He was also wearing Wrangler jeans despite “all that money,” as Rollins put it. He met his wife on Tinder, which offered Rollins a way to question his ability to talk to women.

Rollins, of course, had nothing against Kelce personally. People come in to The Wiener’s Circle for the specific experience of being roasted by employees, and Rollins has been dishing out insults for 25 years. She is a professional.

“I’m just a s*** talker,” Rollins told Newsweek. “I’ve been like this all my life. I got a big family. This is just how me and my family is. My mother was the same way, she would roast a motherf***** like she didn’t care what came out of her mouth. I get my mouth from my mother

Roughly a week before the Thursday Night Football contingent that included Kelce and former Cincinnati Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth arrived, The Wiener’s Circle got a heads up. It wasn’t the restaurant’s first brush with a celebrity: The unassuming hot-dog restaurant has hosted a number of celebrities including Marshawn Lynch and an appearance from pop star Ed Sheeran that garnered a crowd employees still talk about with awe.