Jason Kelce brands the Eagles’ blowout loss to the Cowboys ’embarrassing’ as he tells brother Travis ‘at least you guys have kept it close’ after Chiefs also suffered defeat

Jason Kelce branded the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday ’embarrassing’.

The Eagles suffered a 33-13 blowout loss to rival Dallas in a crucial NFC East matchup that saw the Cowboys leapfrog Philadelphia and top the division with both teams now 10-3 for the season.

The loss at AT&T Stadium marked a second loss in a row for the Eagles after they were also routed by the San Francisco 49ers 42-19 the previous week.

After two humiliations at the hands of Philadelphia’s biggest NFC rivals, Eagles star Jason admitted the frustration was beginning to pile up.

But the Eagles center really let his frustration out later in the episode when he branded the blowout loss to the Cowboys ’embarrassing’.

‘We didn’t score a touchdown offensively, move the ball,’ he said. ‘It’s the second week in a row of losing in an embarrassing fashion. It’s frustrating.

‘We’ve got to be better. We’ve got to be more consistent. We’ve got to take care of the football, score touchdowns. It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks here these last two games.’

But Jason hailed his team’s resilient nature as he insisted they would continue to improve after falling to 10-3.

‘The beautiful thing about this game though is that you get the chance to go back out there again next week and show on tape who you are and who you can be,’ he continued.

‘Everybody has just got to take a long look in the mirror, continue to work at it, continue to know we’ve got the guys necessary to get it done. Just keep working man. Keep showing up, keep putting effort in, keep grinding and just know that it’s eventually going to shift in our favor down the line.’