Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and his wife, Kylie, posted a behind-the-scenes look at their attempt to make a family Christmas card.

As you can expect, getting three small children and two dogs to cooperate for the least-favorite holiday tradition was rather chaotic. But it was equally cute and wholesome.

The Kelce parents began by stating that they were once again going with Minted as their card designer. Jason paused to soak in that obviously profound piece of information, and then gazed into the distance as he braced for the challenges of the upcoming “season.” Which of course means getting the kids to behave long enough for a good picture.

“It’s going to be a long season, I can tell,” Jason said with a sarcastic sigh. “I’m prepared for football, I am not prepared for the holiday season.”

Kylie then revealed the game plan to get their three young children to be picture ready.

“Preparation was making sure that we had a nutritious breakfast because we were about to bribe the livin’ daylights out of these children,” Kylie said. “It’s an endurance game.”

Immediately, the video panned to one of the young girls chowing down on a donut. Plan executed to perfection, I must say.

In between the shots of the parents telling the world of their gameplan, the camera panned to shots of the adorable chaos surrounding the adults. If you want a boost of serotonin, I highly recommend watching the following video.

Jason certainly faced his share of emotional challenges wrangling up his kids. But he faces a much more physically challenging family affair with his brother, Travis, tomorrow night. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs square off Pnday night at 8:15 p.m. (EST).