It’s Just Too Much of a Handicap’- Martina Navratilova Points Out Coco Gauff’s Glaring Weakness as She Suggests Major Tweak to Her Basics

When one talks about the players who made a breakthrough this year, Coco Gauff is a name that one simply cannot ignore. The young American sensation took the world by storm and proved herself impossible to deal with. After lifting her maiden US Open title this year, she has shown no signs of stopping. However, despite being a phenom at the moment, there are some issues within her gameplay that need to be addressed.

Talking about the same, Martina Navratilova, a tennis expert and coach recently sheds light on the ongoing issues that Coco Gauff is facing, potentially with her grip. In a recent interview, she gave out technical advice that would uplift her gameplay and would help her reach new heights.

Martina Navratilova gives technical advice to Coco Gauff to take her game to the next level

In a detailed analysis of Coco Gauff’s game, tennis legend Martina Navratilova highlighted a crucial aspect that could elevate Gauff’s performance. She suggested a potential adjustment to her forehand grip. Navratilova sheds light on the limitations of Gauff’s extreme Western grip, particularly when handling low balls. She also talked about how it impacts her ability to lift the ball over the net.

Navratilova’s observation showcased the challenges Gauff faces with her current grip. She also talked about certain instances where the ball bounced before reaching the net due to the grip’s restrictions on handling low shots. She further went ahead to suggest that she would have to make a change in her grip and it could eventually help her get the results that she wanted.

When she was trying to hit low balls with her [existing grip] the ball sometimes was bouncing before it got to the net,” said Navratilova in the interview. “I think that’s where the grip is so limiting — it’s physically impossible to get under the ball when it’s that low with that grip. Change it to make it a little bit easier to hit those low balls — or maybe she just learns to re-grip and use a slightly different stroke. One of those two things has to happen because it’s just too much of a handicap — she misses too many balls when they’re really low.”

Thus, these remarks by Martina Navratilova address the problems that Coco Gauff faces. Despite being at the top of the game, there are a few insights that need to be addressed so that she can take her game to the next level and unlock her potential. Not long before, she made a big statement about the upcoming sensation and called her a true great of the game.