In Photos: Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes celebrate son Bronze’s first birthday in stunning fashion

Birthdays are always happy times, and for Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, his son Bronze’s first birthday was just that.While having a father who is regarded by some as the greatest quarterback to ever do it, Bronze still gets all the attention he needs and we see that in Brittany’s Instagram Stories, where she shared several pictures of Bronze’s first birthday.

Given that Patrick is a star in the NFL, the theme of the party was “Bronze’s First Down,” which was a playful play on words.
While it is highly unlikely that Bronze will remember any of this, the memories and photos that were taken will ensure that, when he is old enough to understand, he will look back with fondness at what his parents did for him.
Patrick Mahomes and family celebrate son’s first birthday
A child’s first birthday is often a big deal. It is the first celebration of their life (aside from their birth), and most families like to go big.It, however, isn’t for everyone. Some believe that their baby won’t remember it, so there’s no need for a big celebration, but for Patrick Mahomes and his family, they went all out.See a picture below.

We are sure that it was a superb day for all involved, and we also imagine that Bronze had a big slice of birthday cake as well.