IN PHOTOS: Brittany Mahomes, daughter Sterling share tearful Messages as Patrick Mahomes Take another powerful steps to

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are all ready to take on the 2023 NFL season. As defending Super Bowl champions, the team is expected to contend this campaign. Of course, their preparations began with the Chiefs camp.Brittany Mahomes and their daughter Sterling waved a heartfelt goodbye to the KC quarterback. The mother-daughter duo watched from afar as Patrick left, waving him goodbye.

Throughout the short video, Brittany prompts Sterling to wave to her father, telling him they love him while also blowing a flying kiss. Sterling, staring at Patrick Mahomes’ car, followed every instruction.

One could also hear Bronze, their youngest, cry in the background.Mahomes, who shared the video on his Instagram, seemed a little teary-eyed upon leaving his family for the camp.

The Kansas City Chiefs, hyped for their return to the field, shared snippets of their players showing up for camp.

As the expectation builds for another title, the Chiefs are determined to maintain their performance this season.
“QBs and rookies are on site. Let camp begin,” the Chiefs wrote.