IN A Viral Controversial Video, Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Admits To Parenting Fail—’Not The Brightest Idea’


Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, has admitted they suffered a parenting fail when taking their 2-year-old daughter to the Indian Wells Masters tennis tournament in California.



Brittany Mahomes Discusses Her 'Imperfection And The Secret Pains Of Her marriage ' In A Cryptic Post

The 27-year-old Super Bowl winning quarterback with the Kansas City Chiefs is enjoying some down time with his family and they embarked on a trip to take in a day of tennis—but the were met with a slight toddler shaped problem.



Taking to Instagram, Brittany Mahomes, also 27, posted a couple of photos of them in the Californian sun but her caption for them shared that they made a mistake in bringing Sterling Skye with them.

She wrote: “Brought a toddler to a Professional Tennis Match today, not the brightest idea.”



As many parents will know, taking a toddler to an event which requires sitting still for a prolonged amount of time can be a little challenging.It would seem that the Mahomes’ may have met with those difficulties and it wasn’t long before others were empathizing with them on social media.

One Instagram user replied to Brittany Mahomes with a similar tale of woe, writing: “We tried bowling last month—also not a bright idea!”



Another added that this would be the case wherever they went, commenting: “Taking a toddler anywhere has the same effect.”



While a third said that there is no manual for bringing up children, writing: “I raised four kids. My motto, ‘Parenting is make it up as you go!'”

Brittany Mahomes’ admittance on social media comes at a time in which she has faced intense trolling for her celebrating her husband’s success in the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs.



She has been accused of being “too involved” with championing the quarterback and his achievements, but hinted this week that those who are preoccupied in spreading messages of hate need to “go to therapy.”



Brittany Mahomes has hit out previously at those who have posted negatively online and she has once again shown that she won’t be standing for people who want to attack her with messages of hate.

This time, she liked a tweet that suggested those who want to send hateful messages should be given a spell in therapy so that they can work out the issues that are affecting them.


The tweet read: “If a strangers mere existence disrupts your peace sooooo much that you feel obligated to leave hateful messages on their profile, log TF out and GO TO THERAPY. You’re weird. Weird AF.”


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