In a dazzling start to 2024, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce stole the spotlight with their intimate New Year’s Eve celebration.: Mom Details Couple’s Night

In a dazzling start to 2024, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce stole the spotlight with their intimate New Year’s Eve celebration.

ET exclusively spoke to digital creator Lyric Sheree, a party guest who shared her firsthand experience at the star-studded event.

After attending the Kansas City Chiefs’ New Year’s Eve game on Sunday, Swift and Kelce decided to welcome the new year together in style.

In fan-captured video, the two are seen kissing as the clock strikes midnight.

Swift dressed in a festive ensemble for the occasion, opting for a gold bejeweled mini dress. She wore her hair in an updo, finishing the look with moon and star hair clips by Jennifer Behr and her signature red lip.

For his part, Kelce wore a maroon suit, an apt choice given Swift’s 2022 song, “Maroon.”

The duo had a lot to celebrate during their night out, as Kelce’s Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals 25 to 17 earlier in the day. Swift was on-hand for the game, wearing an oversized black and white letterman jacket as she cheered on her beau.

Sheree, who attended the private event with her husband, says, “I got into the party through a friend of a friend, and it was a very private venue. The energy of the party was just an amazing experience.”

Despite keeping the exact location under wraps, Lyric emphasized the exclusivity of the event and how it added to the magical atmosphere. She revealed that an open bar featuring expensive champagne and alcohol contributed to the celebratory mood, although she admitted arriving too late to confirm if there was any food.

Sheree recounted the moment when she first noticed Kelce, explaining, “I didn’t even know Taylor was there until I re-watched the video.”

She shared the thrill of capturing the couple’s New Year’s kiss and disclosed her observations of Kelce’s reaction to being recorded.

Sheree expressed her belief in the happiness of the celebrity couple, stating, “I view them as a fresh couple. So, it always gives good vibes when you’re starting out to date, and they look very happy. Taylor looked super happy. I didn’t feel any type of bad chemistry between those two. I feel like they’re a really cute couple, and they have good energy together.”

Describing the night as “epic,” Sheree revealed that she, Travis, and Taylor left the private event at the same time, emphasizing the calm and private atmosphere.

“There was no type of fan-out energy there. Everyone’s just like, time to go home. It was friends and family there, there were moms there. It was very private, so it was just alright, you know, we’re out and that was it,” she explained.

In a message to the celebrity couple, Sheree said, “Travis, we turned up. I know you don’t remember me probably. And if you do? Hey! Thanks for making a great night for me and my husband. We had a great time.”

She added, “And for Taylor, my daughter loves her. We missed her concert here in Kansas City. So to see her and to tell my daughter that I saw her and showing her was an experience that my daughter could see even though she wasn’t there is like I was close to it, and she’s just like, WOW.”