“I Almost Wore That Exact Outfit”: Patrick Mahomes Escapes ‘Unhurt’ From Likely Troll War

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce took their wildly popular ‘New Heights’ podcast live. The show had many special guests but Patrick Mahomes stole the show. Mahomes is not having the best time this off-season. With the passing of his grandmother and the legal blackwaters his younger brother finds himself in, it’s not been a hoot. But the QB was in high spirits during the show and his presence thrilled and entertained.

The three athletes talked about everything from the joys of fatherhood to the choice of wardrobe. In fact, Mahomes entrance followed by his remark about younger Kelce’s outfit choices drew quite the chuckles.

At the live event, while a smooth conversation going on with Chiefs backup QB Chad Henne, the Chiefs’ starting QB made a surprise entrance, Stone Cold Austin style. Mahomes seemed extremely hyped and it was good to see him in happy spirits before the season kicks off.

During the conversation, Travis expressed his curiosity about Patrick’s recent activities, seriously asking, “What’s new, dude?” Patrick replied, humorously that he almost wore a similar outfit to Travis’. “Wow, man. First off, I almost wore that exact outfit.” They proceeded to discuss the first pitch that Travis had previously thrown for the Royals, with Travis expressing his desire for another opportunity. Patrick assured him that plans were already underway to redeem themselves, mentioning that Jason, known for his baseball skills, would provide some lessons.

Jason then shifted the conversation to the off-season and asked about Patrick’s ankle, considering their status as defending Super Bowl champions. “What’s the off-season like? I mean defending Super Bowl champion. How’s your ankle?”

Patrick shared that the off-season had been different for him due to the birth of his baby boy. He congratulated Jason on his own baby, mentioning that he noticed Jason’s support for his wife during the pregnancy. Jason humorously remarked that he preferred to be present but not physically there, evoking laughter from the group. “That’s the best form of support,” Mahomes exclaims.


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