Health And safety 1

Health And Safety

Health And Safety

In this article, I am going to cover the following topics:

  1. various types of diseases
  2. Definition of the diseases mention
  3. Causes of the diseases
  4. cure of the diseases
  5. Prevention of the diseases

Objectives Of this Article

By the end of this lesson, Students should be able to;

  1. Know some common diseases in our environment.
  2. Know the possible causes of the diseases and their symptoms.
  3. Explain how to prevent such diseases.


In the previous article, I taught you about First Aid And many other things related to first Aid.

Now, we are going to consider some common diseases.

Some times we fail ill, due to attach of germs, viruses or because of improper feeding.

These situations make us unhealthy. Some common diseases include cough, kwashiorkor and many other different kinds of diseases, to mention but few.

Now, let’s dive in in full.


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This is the picture of some children, suffering from Kwashiorkor.

Symptoms of Kwashiorkor

1.The child has a swollen ‘moon face’.

2.He or She looks miserable.

3. There is a loss of color in his or her hair and skin.

4. His or her growth practically stops

5. The upper arms are thin

6. He or she sores on his or her hands

7. His or her hands and feet are swollen

8. His or her muscles loos wasted

Causes Of Kwashiorkor

a. lack of body building food called protein. Examples of such foods are meat, beans, fish, and milk.

b. Insufficient nutrients in the diet e.g. vitamins and minerals.

Prevention Of kwashiorkor

To prevent kwashiorkor, we must feed our children well on body building foods, Vitamins and minerals.

Cure Of Kwashiorkor

In order to cure a child of kwashiorkor:

a. You must start giving him or her body building foods and maintain a balanced diet for him or her.

b. Take the child to a doctor.

Whooping Cough

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Whooping Cough is a type of cough, mostly in children, that whenever they cough, they make certain noise, and it is difficult for them to get back their breathing on time.

Symptoms Of Whooping Cough

a. Cold cough with fever

b. he coughs up sticky mucus

c. he develops a runny nose and eyes

d. The cough develops into spasms which usually ends up with vomiting

e. The cough has what is called a Whooping noise.

f. It is more frequent in the early hours of the day.

Causes Of Whooping Cough

It is caused by a certain germ ( virus ) which attacks the lungs.

Prevention Of Whooping Cough

a. sleeping in overcrowded rooms should be avoided

b. The bedroom should be kept airy

c. Children should be vaccinated when young.

Cure Of the Whooping Cough

The children must be taken to the hospital immediately, for medical treatment.

Measles, Causes, Prevention And Cure

Measles is a contagious disease, caused by a very serious infective Virus.

Symptoms Of Measles

a. Measles begins with cold, fever, and cough.

b. The child has a runny nose.

c. He or She sores red eyes.

d. After three days, a rash may appear on the neck and later on the face and body.

e. The skin of the infected child may look rough.

Causes of measles

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It is caused by a severe virus infection. It is contagious disease.

Prevention Of measles

a. Vaccination against the virus.

b. Isolation of the infected patient.

Cure Of Measles

a. The child should stay in bed.

b. He should drink plenty of water.

c. He should be given nutritious foods.

d. Calamine lotion should be applied.

e. In case of a sever attack, he should be taken to the hospital.

Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox is anther almost similar case of measles, that is also caused by virus.

Symptoms Of Chicken Pox

a. Many small, red, itchy spots appear on the skin of the infected person.

b. These spots turn into pimples and then become blisters.

c. The blisters turn to scabs

d. The spots usually begin at th back or front of the body. They later show on the face, arms, and legs.

e. The person becomes feverish.

Causes Of Chicken Pox

a. Chicken pox is usually caused by a mild virus.

b. It may be contracted from another person suffering from the disease.

Prevention Of Chicken Pox

a. Do not come in contact with the infected person.

b. Receive vaccination against chicken pox.

Cure Of Chicken Pox

a. Bath daily with antiseptic soap and warm water.

b. Apply gentian violet or an antibiotic ointment.


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Meningitis is a very serious infection of the brain, due to overcrowding and other causes.

Symptoms Of Meningitis

a. The ]child is feverish and has a sever headache .

b. He has a stiff neck, he looks very ill and lies with head and neck backwards.

c. The back of the child is also very stiff.

d. It is common for the child to vomit.

e. He also gives a piercing cry.

f. The child can sometimes go into a fit ( convulsion ).

Causes Of Meningitis

a. Meningitis is caused by a serious infection of the brain/

b. It may start as a complication from another illness such as measles, mumps, whooping cough or an ear infection.

c. Overcrowding and unventilated rooms can also cause it.

Prevention Of Meningitis

a. All children should be vaccinated with BCG ( Bacillus Calmette- Guerin ) vaccine at birth.

b. Sleep in a well ventilated rooms.

Cure Of Meningitis

The child should be taken to the hospital immediately for appropriate medical treatment.

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