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An affiliate Link basically a specific Url, that contains affiliate’s ID or Username of affiliate. You can these links in affiliate programs to record the traffic that is sent to that advertiser’s website. This is one of the various parts of affiliate program. Now let’s how to promote affiliate links without a website for free.

Affiliate marketing is the marketing process in which an affiliate marketer, earns a commission for promoting products or services for other people or companies. The affiliate register on a given affiliate marketing network, get approval, search for the products, promote the products and earn a commission after sells.

Affiliate marketing works by dividing the requirements of the marketing and creation of a product across many parties. It increases the abilities of many individuals for a more effective marketing strategies, at the same time providing contributors a of the profits.

Parties Involved in Affiliate Marketing Program

  1. The Seller
  2. Products creators
  3. The affiliates or Advertisers
  4. Consumers

Affiliate marketing is a fast cost-effective way of making money online, without the trouble of selling a product. It is also important to people seeking for opportunities to work online and increase their revenue.

In what ways Affiliates get paid after Sells

The consumer of products doesn’t necessary need to buy the products before the affiliate get paid commission. For ffiliate to get commission, the affiliate’s contribution to the seller’s sells is measured differently according to the affiliate program. Affiliates can get paid in the following ways.

  1. Pay Per sale
  2. Per click and
  3. Pay per lead
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How I Promotes Affiliate Links

First that you need is to get registered with any affiliate network, let’s say you want to promote ShareAsale as an affiliate. All you need to do here is to sign up , get your affiliate links and then start promoting their products to earning commissions, by sharing the affiliate links. In other to share affiliate links without a website, focus on the following information.

  1. Sign up on and have your small blog.p on, Q&A website and create a quora space.
  2. Get your account on and have your account and a small blog and write articles
  3. Create a facebook account and run facebook ads campaign
  4. Create Blogger website at and start putting your contents with your affiliate links.
  5. Get your account on and then search for your community to start promoting your affiliate links if you’re allowed to do in that community. Sometimes may not be allowed to share links of whatever type in some communities, but do not spam if you’re not given permission.

Note: With all the free websites I mentioned that you can use them for free, to start your Affiliate Marketing journey, have it in mind that you can not just start sharing your affiliate links nakedly, without cloaking them.

What do I mean by links cloaking? Hmm! Sound strange right? No worries, I will explain everything in details.

Now, what is link cloaking? Links cloaking simply means links masking or the aspect of covering the exact structure of your links, being it’s a link from a website or link to product or any type of Affiliate links that you want to mask, with the help of URL shortner.

The first tool you can use which is free is the Bitly, and a free mobile application, that you can download in play store and, register with your email and password, and then start using it for free. You can also go to the bitly website at on your PC, and your account registered.

What to do After Signing Up in All the above free websites

  1. Choose a niche and write a clear and understanding solution solving problem articles.
  2. Clock or mask your affiliate links using any free Url shortner.
  3. Place your affiliate links as internal links in your articles and make sure your tell your visitors where you are taking them to, in other to build confidence with them.
  4. Promote your contents and wait to see the results in few days.

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