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In this article, I am going to brief you and remind you about first aid and everything you need to know about first aid. Now, what is first aid ?

Meaning Of First Aid:

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First Aid simply means the first immediate treatment, given to an injured person or victim of an accident, before taking him or her to the hospital.

Purpose Of First Aid:

  1. preserving life
  2. preventing further harm to the patient
  3. to promote recovery from injury or illness
  4. to reduce the risk of blood loss

Contents Of A First Aid Box:

  1. Iodine
  2. Plaster
  3. Soap
  4. Tablets
  5. Napkins
  6. Methylated Spirit
  7. Pair of scissors or Razor blade
  8. Cotton Wool
  9. Dettol
  10. Bandages
  11. Gentian Violet ( G.V )
  12. Eye Ointment
  13. Menthol
  14. Vaseline
  15. Hydrogen Peroxide e.t.c
First Aid For Cut And Bruises:1. Wash your hands first with clean water and medicated soap
2. Wash the wound with clean dettol and water
3. Apply the iodine
4. Dress the cut with clean cotton wool and bandage it
5. If the cut is from a rusty nail, broken bottles, or sharp object, go for tetanus injection with a medical doctor.
First Aid For Bleeding:1. The patient should remain sited and calm
2. Press the wound to stop the bleeding and use ice block, it helps to reduce the blood flow.
3. Tie the bleeding point with clean cloth.
4. Go to a medical doctor.

First Aid For Nose Bleeding:

  1. 1. Do not blow the nose
  2. 2. The patient should sited and tilt the head backward a little
  3. 3. Put an ice block within the forehead
  4. 4. Go to a medical doctor.

First Aid For Broken bones i.e Fracture:

There are 3 types of fractures;

  1. 1. Greenstick fracture
  2. 2. Simple Fracture
  3. 3. Compound Fracture
  4. What to do;
  5. 1. Tell the victim, remain sited
  6. 2. Use hand pressure to stop or reduce the bleeding by tying the place with clean rag
  7. 3. Go to a medical doctor.

First Aid For Bites And Stings:

Bites can be from many sources;

for example, bites from human beings, dogs, cat, snakes and rats. Stings from Scorpions, bees, and wasps.

For bites; a .Try and find out to know the animal that bite you.

b. If it is a snake, kill it if possible

c. Tie the upper part of the bitten place

d. Wash the bitten place with soap and salt water.

e. Dress the affected part with bandage.

f. Go to a medical doctor.

For Stings;

a. Try and know the insect

b. Wash the affected part with soap and salt water

c. Rub any clean cream

d. Dress the place with bandage

First Aid For Burns And Scalds:

Burns from fire, hot iron or acids. Scalds from hot water, hot oil or soup on the skin.

What to do;

a. Pour very cold water on the affected part

b. Rub any cream on the affected part

c. Rush to the hospital.

First Aid For Food Poisoning:

a. Know the food or poison you have taken

b. Drink warm water then palm oil, to make the victim vomit out the poison.

c. Rush to a medical doctor.

First Aid For Suffocation And Fainting:

Suffocation or fainting occurs, when the weather is hot or when one is in a crowdy place. So if it happens, what to do,

a. Take the victim out of the crowd

b. Lie the victim flat and facing upward with head tilted backward

c. Remove his or her collar button

d. Allow the victim to receive good ventilation

e. Use wet towel to wipe off sweat from the victim’s face

f. Call for medical assistance.

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