Gauff has discussed the support and sacrifice that her parents have made to help her make her dreams come true.

Coco Gauff is celebrating her mom’s birthday! Gauff shared some photos of her mom, Candi, on Instagram stories, sharing with the world some of the memories she’s made with her mom.

On her Instagram stories, Coco shared some of her favorite photos of her mom, showing her in different locations. The collage is made up of four photos, two where Coco is accompanying her mom and two where Candi is alone. These include photos of the two visiting some of Japan’s most popular destinations, a photo of the two in the car, a photo of Candi looking stunning, and another one where she holds a delicious looking red and blue cocktail.

“Happy birthday Mom, I love you,” she wrote over the images.

Candi is celebrating her 54th birthday, and is a prominent figure in Coco’s life. Following her historic win at this year’s U.S. Open, Coco thanked her parents for all of their support. “Thank you, first, to my parents. Today was the first time I’ve ever seen my dad cry,” she said in an on-court interview. “Thank you guys, you believed in me from the beginning. My dad took me to this tournament. [I watched] Venus and Serena compete, so it’s really incredible to be on this stage.”