Donna Kelce wants her famous NFL sons, Travis and Jason Kelce, to remember how far they’ve come.

On Monday, the mother of the football stars shared a meme on Facebook that featured a throwback photo of her sons. The brothers were pictured in an old photo from their college football days when they played together at the University of Cincinnati.

“One of these guys is a finalist for Sexiest Man Alive and the other is dating Taylor Swift,” read the meme, which was posted on the Instagram account for the “Word to the Wise” podcast. “There’s still hope for you.”

Donna Kelce had shared the photo from the Facebook page of her ex-husband, Ed Kelce, who also posted the meme to his account without comment.

The meme, of course, poked fun at the media frenzy surrounding Travis Kelce’s romance with Swift, and at Jason Kelce, who was named as a finalist for People’s 2023 Sexiest Man Alive.

The Philadelphia Eagles center has also been on the receiving end of jokes surrounding his brother’s whirlwind romance with the famous pop star.

Last week, the Super Bowl champion was given a new Swift-inspired title during his visit to Chicago’s famed hot dog eatery, The Wiener’s Circle. The restaurant featured a sign outside the establishment that read: “Welcome Taylor’s Boyfriend’s Brother.”