Does this explain Jason Kelce’s quick bathroom trip? Eagles veteran jokes about locker rooms not having enough stalls on his New Heights podcast… five days before he briefly left win over the Bills to relieve himself

Eagles center Jason Kelce has joked about away teams’ stadiums’ locker rooms not having enough stalls on his New Heights podcast, five days before briefly leaving the field against the Bills to relieve himself, as it could explain his quick bathroom trip.

The 36-year-old NFL veteran told his younger brother, Travis, 34, last Tuesday: ‘There [are] two things that I hate: small locker rooms and a small amount of stalls ’cause it is not ideal pre-game and you’re trying trying to time up your pre-game ritual.

And there [are] only two frickin’ stalls in the bathroom for the away team…

I get p****d off at that

Eagles fans were left concerned when Jason left the game ahead of their overtime win against Buffalo on Sunday, as they had no idea if he’d return, especially after he gave away two penalties to get the Bills back into the contest.

That wasn’t the case, though, as Jason made a crucial block in overtime to allow his quarterback, Jalen Hurts, to storm into the end zone and not only win the game for the Eagles, but also seal the team’s place as the first in the league to make it to the playoffs this season.

None of that could have been predicted five days before Philadelphia’s latest win, however, as Jason said of his need to regularly use bathrooms at stadiums of the Eagles’ opponents, no matter which week it is in the season: ‘There’s a three man line to get into that thing.

‘So, you know all of the other three guys that were just on that seat, not ideal.

‘The first thing I do when I get to an away teams’ stadium is I go in and see how many stalls there are. If it’s a small amount of stalls, I’m gonna go in there and try and force and s*** out.

‘Then I’m gonna go take some Imodium, so I don’t have to deal with this nonsense.’

‘I just don’t like the inconvenience,’ replied a serious looking Jason.

Astonished by his older brother’s explanation of his pre-game necessity, Travis told him: ‘Man, I couldn’t tell you the last time I took a s*** at a stadium. And I’ll take a s*** on a f***ing plane.’

‘I can’t tell you the last time I only took one s*** at a stadium,’ fired back Jason, as a joke.

Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs will play the Green Bay Packers next, while the Eagles will host the San Francisco 49ers in what will be a rematch of last season’s NFC Championship Game.