Detroit Lions Send a Bold Message About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

The Detroit Lions appear to be looking for some trouble when it comes to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

The Michigan-based NFL team made quite the statement on social media this week, delivering a subtle jab to Swift’s boyfriend, a star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

A new clip shared to the Lions’ TikTok account featured footage of Swift, 33, cheering on Kelce, 34, at one of his games this season. Meanwhile, text stamped across the video asked viewers to answer a simple true or false question.

“True or False? Taylor Swift is dating the TE [tight end] with the most touchdowns in the NFL this season,” the post read.

The statement was then proven to be false, with the Lions’ pointing out that their own tight end Sam LaPorta has more touchdowns this season, and we know he’s not the one dating the “Anti-Hero” songstress.

“Tryna figure out what is and isn’t true,” the TikTok caption read, while many Lions fans in the comments voiced their preference for LaPorta over Kelce.

But while he may have fewer touchdowns this season, some may say Kelce is already winning at life, as his relationship with Swift appears to be nothing short of an enchanted love story so far.

From Swift running off of the Eras Tour stage to give the athlete a passionate kiss, to cheering him on while he does his thing on the football field, fans already think these two could be endgame—and we are here for it!