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Design everything with canva and make money

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Do you believe that canva is one of the brilliant designing tool for non- designers? Are your audience interested in designing industry? If that is the case, then this blog post is for you because I will explain how you can make tons of bucks with canva affiliate program.
By Meducate Online

In this blog post, you will learn and have an overview of canva referral program. By the end of this post, you can start making money by promoting canva pro subscription without waisting time. I will also explain ways to promote canva and start making some monthly income.


Canva Affiliate Program:

Canva was founded in 2012 by Melanie Perkins, as a the best and brilliant tool for non-designers. Since then, canva has reached a reasonable height of popularity in designing industry, and that’s why canva has over 18+ million users all over world.

Design everything with canva and make money
Meducate Online Canva Affiliate Program.

As you can see, canva has vast opportunity for everyone all over the world and you can start for free up to 30 days free trial and you can design and customise any design that you want for free. Get started here.

Do you know that canva has it’s affiliate program that you can start today, as an affiliate marketer? Make an impression here and enjoy your piece of cake.

Canva uses the importance of the impact of technology to reach and deliver the program to it’s affiliates. The program offers %80 commission on the first two months on canva pro and %25 on the annual subscription. That’s perfectly a great deal, right ?

You can bombad your affiliate on canva, if you’re a blogger, email marketer, freelancer or digital marketer, or even social media influencer, you can have so many opportunities to promote canva and start making money online.

Canva Affiliate Earnings:

Different affiliate programs on Canva, has different referral earnings, that can earn you reasonable amount of money. Some make little amount of money while some make a lot of them. As an affiliate, you can earn up to around $36 per sign up for the pro subscription.

Design everything with canva and make money
Meducate online Canva Affiliate Program

Here are more details about canva affiliate earnings:

• Affiliate commission type: Single-payment (non-recurring)

Cookie’s Duration: 30 days.

• Payment options:

Tons of options, including Paypal and bank transfer.

Commission rate: % 15 for a monthly subscription and ND %80 for annual subscription.

• Affiliate technology impacts:

I have made or created tons of designs with canva for free and made tons of profit from them.

Canva Affiliate Program Review:

Canva affiliate program help a lot of affiliate marketters make a lot of money, via promoting canva pro. It offers all the information and tools to help you succeed as an affiliate. The program mention Cookies duration, commission rates and email addresses.

Canva affiliate commission rate is very interesting, %15 for recurring program and %80 for annual subscription. You can also get the benefits of feeling your links, advertising banners and more promotional contents.

How to get started with Canva Affiliate Program:

To get started with Canva referral program, you need to apply for it. You make money with it only when canva team approves your application.

Design everything with canva and make money
Meducate Online Canva Affiliate Program

Criteria To Join Canva Affiliate Program.

The criteria for joining Canva Affiliate Program is very simple and straight forward. Make sure you have the following:

• A great and focussing audience e.g. social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, blog or any marketing platforms etc.

• Make sure that you’re ready to promote canva across your marketing platforms.

  • Go to canva affiliate homepage and click on ‘join now’ . You will be taken to the impact page for for the program. Or else choose canva from the list of there brands if you’re ready to start promoting Canva and you’re an impact account user.

2. Enter all your information about yourself and your audience, be honest and provide all the information required, to encourage them get their attention.

Meducate Online Canva Affiliate Program

3. Wait for approval within 48-72 hours, to start promoting canva.

Note: This is the free canva referral program. If you want to join the pro version of affiliate program with Canva, you must Sign up via their impact network to make money with their affiliate programs. I wrote this to help people know that canva exist as a free designing website for everyone. Thanks for your understanding.

Design everything with canva