Chiefs Teammate Locks Horns With Reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes for an Interesting Challenge for The Upcoming Season

Chiefs Teammate Locks Horns With Reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes for an Interesting Challenge for The Upcoming Season

Patrick Mahomes hit it big this year. The quarterback led his team to a Super Bowl victory while winning the finals MVP. He also went on to become the MVP of this season. With such brilliant achievements, he is on top of the world. However, it seems like he might have to defend his MVP title next year. In a twist of events, there is one contender right now, who is none other than his own Kansas City Chiefs teammate.

The challenge to Mahomes MVP comes straight from within Kansas City. A teammate of his recently took to Twitter, claiming that he would go on to win the title of Most Valuable Player next year. His own teammate has claimed that he will accomplish what players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Joe Burrow weren’t able to do. Furthermore, as his declaration on Twitter went viral, fans voiced their hilarious reactions to this teammate’s declaration.

The challenge Patrick Mahomes faces next year

It seems like Mahomes faces a challenge from his own house for the MVP. One of the best defensive tackles in Kansas has gone on to announce his intentions for the title of MVP and it is none other than Chris Jones. While it is unheard of for a defensive lineman to win MVP, Jones has claimed that he is going to win it.

While his declaration on Twitter doesn’t mention anyone else, it seems very clear who the target is. With Mahomes being the reigning MVP, it seems like Jones has pitted himself against one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Furthermore, fans seem to find this ironic and funny.

As fans saw Jones’ tweet, they took to Twitter to react to it. Jones’ declaration got some hilarious responses from NFL fans.

NFL fans go crazy as Chris Jones declares something big

Fans were not very impressed with what Jones had declared on Twitter. They took to the social media platform to mock him. One fan spoke about how it is going to be hard to beat last year’s MVP.

Furthermore, there were comments who denied his claims, citing the presence of Mahomes.

There were also comments who mentioned other players like Watt who weren’t able to win an MVP.

There were a few mocking questions from fans as well.

Finally, there was a comment which rationally explained why Jones won’t win MVP.

All in all, fans seemed to think Jones has finally found his funny bone. They went on to mock the defensive tackle for his words of challenge to the current MVP.

It seems like Jones might be serious about ensuring his win as the MVP. It only remains to be seen if his contributions on defense will be enough to beat out the Super Bowl-winning quarterback.


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