BRONZE’S DAY Inside Bronze Mahomes’ epic first birthday as Patrick and Brittany transform home gym into huge NFL field

The Kansas City Chiefs superstar’s wife shared pics of the extravagant birthday party on her Instagram on Monday.

Patrick and Brittany received help from their 2-year-old daughter, Sterling Skye, in the process.

“Bronze’s birthday is here!” Sterling yelled during a clip as she pointed to the turf and tiny tables for youngsters.

The two-time Super Bowl MVP and Brittany transformed their home gym into an NFL field for Bronze’s first birthday.

A video showed the decorations, which had plenty of balloons and an ice cream stand.

The party had a ball pit, a bouncy house, a foam finger display, and a play area.

Still, the party was, of course, football-themed as the five-time Pro Bowler Patrick and Brittany had a five-layered “MVP” birthday cake for their son.

The cake had the design of a football field, a bronze-colored layer, and a real football.

Before the party, Sterling slid into the bouncy house.

Sterling’s birthday or Bronze” Brittany wrote in the caption of the clip.

Bronze would be seen wearing a white onesie that said: “1st Down.”

Patrick held his son in his arms as they posed for a pic in front of a chalkboard that read: “Bronze’s 1st Down.”

The birthday party appeared to be at one of the couple’s multi-million-dollar properties.