“Bro Forgot Himself”: NFL Fans Twist Patrick Mahomes Ears for Modest Selection

Fans’ superstar QB revealed some of his influences and aspirations as a quarterback. Patrick Mahomes admires game legends to learn from their achievements. He also sees Tom Brady as the top and aims to match his Super Bowl success. However, even Mahomes has his top five all-time QBs. Interestingly, the list contains the names of almost all the legends of the game.

Well, fans took his selection profoundly with triggered reactions telling Mahomes not to forget ‘himself’, while also compelling him to make a convenient change in his list.

In a captivating interview with ‘Complex’s Ben Felderstein,’ Patrick Mahomes, the celebrated quarterback, humbly recognized Tom Brady’s iconic status alongside football legends. Mahomes eagerly expressed his desire to absorb wisdom from these great quarterbacks, acknowledging the immense value of their experience in honing his own abilities. However, in the end, fans’ disagreement and agreement do matter! And, fans had some ideas.


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