Brittany Mahomes showed off the perfect family Thanksgiving gift from 2yo daughter Sterling

Brittany Mahomes is celebrating her birthday on Thursday and her family isn’t letting the day pass by without making her feel special. While her husband, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw quite the party over the weekend, it was their daughter’s turn to surprise her mom.On Thursday morning, Brittany posted a photo on her Instagram story of her two-year-old daughter Sterling. In front of her, in the photo, was a decorated pancake that the toddler made especially for her mom.

The proud mom wrote a caption saying her daughter had made her a special birthday cake.

This was just the latest celebration for Brittany’s big day. She documented her surprise birthday celebrations over the weekend which included a visit from out-of-town friends that surprised her at Arrowhead Stadium before Saturday’s game, set up by Patrick Mahomes.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback threw her a ‘denim and diamonds’ themed birthday party. There was even had a hibachi chef to make dinner for everyone in attendance at the party at their new home.
Brittany Mahomes applauds Nebraska’s record-breaking accomplishment
The University of Nebraska hosted a women’s volleyball game at Memorial Stadium on Wednesday night. The stadium, which is home to their football team, holds over 90,000 fans, which is common for college football.However, putting an indoor volleyball court in the center of the field and selling out the stadium, is another accomplishment. The game’s attendance was recorded at 92,003 fans which breaks the record for the highest of a women’s sporting event ever.