Brittany Mahomes Showcases How ‘Mischievous’ Bronze Paints the Room With Yogurt the Moment She Takes Her Eyes Off Him

Brittany Mahomes, the vibrant Kansas City Current co-owner, stays incredibly busy with her little ones. Earlier in November, she and her husband, both 28, took some much-needed downtime during Patrick‘s bye week. The couple enjoyed the great outdoors and cherished moments with their son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, and daughter, Sterling.

Parenting two kids close in age is no small feat. They demand constant attention and have a knack for keeping their parents on their toes. Brittany recently shared a hilarious, yet all-too-relatable, incident on her Instagram story, illustrating just how lively her household can be.

In one of her stories, Brittany captured an adorable yet chaotic scene in the Mahomes mansion. Little Bronze, seated in his high chair, decided to express his artistic side—with yogurt! His canvas is the entire room. Under him, even the family dogs got a taste of his messy creativity.

The post showed Bronze gleefully smearing yogurt everywhere, eating less and creating more of a delightful mess. Brittany’s voice in the background humorously lamented taking her eyes off him for just a moment, leading to this yogurt fiasco. It was a candid moment that many parents can relate to—the unpredictability and pure fun of everyday life with toddlers.

Brittany Mahomes Shares Daughter Sterling’s Sassy Moment
The fun doesn’t only stop with Bronze’s playtime. Brittany also shared moments with her daughter, Sterling, who’s developing quite the personality. Usually cheerful and playful in front of the camera, Sterling wasn’t having it that day. The first story showed her sitting in her car seat, giving off sassy vibes, unaware of her mom snapping pictures.

The caption read, “My sassy girl.” The saga continued with Sterling realizing she was on camera, leading to her adorably cranky efforts to hide from the camera, using her lilac boots to cover her face. Sterling, dressed in a colorful top and with her headphones on, showed that even a simple outing with mom can turn into a mini-adventure.

Brittany keeps on sharing her day-to-day life on Instagram stories with her followers about the daily challenges she faces as a mom. And, without a doubt, many parents can relate to her, as kids aren’t easy to handle. However, they sure are the ones who light up the house with joy and happiness.