Brittany Mahomes reveals the day-to-day difficulties of being a mum: “Today we’ve had one accident in the house”

Fans have grown accustomed to enjoying adorably funny daily updates from Brittany Mahomes of her daughter Sterling on social media. On Tuesday, however, Bittany shared several Instagram stories showing the more difficult, and perhaps more realistic side of parenting.

It’s common knowledge that being a mother is a tough job, and that is something that has been appropriately evidenced by Mahomes’ latest video. While husband Patrick is away training for the next NFL season, Britanny has been taking care of the kids at home, and she’s decided to put her time with Sterling to good use by doing some potty practice with her two-year-old.

“One accident in the house so far…so we have moved to the outside for the rest of the day,” was the caption of Brittany’s first story- it appears she might has a big job on her hands when it comes to potty training.

In the following two stories, she had a hilarious conversation with Sterling about her potty practices and asked her why she wasn’t able to use it properly. Sterling paid very little attention as she continued to entertain herself with her toys. Being a mum certainly is eventful.


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