Brittany Mahomes’ Daughter Sterling Went on a Mini Shopping Spree — & Her Picks Were Peak Toddler

Brittany Mahomes took her 2-year-old daughter on a mini shopping spree at Target (because why not?) and they came home with the most random, toddler-like items.

The Kansas City Current co-owner posted on Twitter last night: “Sterling just requested to go to Target😂😂.” How cute is that? Kids asking to go shopping at Target is its own special parenting milestone.

Sterling just requested to go to Target😂😂

— Brittany Mahomes (@BrittanyLynne) May 17, 2023

Afterward, Brittany posted exactly what Sterling picked out on her Instagram Stories, and it’s making us laugh so hard.

Sterling Picked Out the Cutest Items From Target
In a text exchange (who we assume could be with her husband, Sterling’s dad Patrick Mahomes), Brittany shared exactly what her daughter got.

“She picked out her first scrunchie & she’s feeling herself 😂 😂 😂,” she wrote.

The person she was texting responded, “Omg😂😂 The cutest 😍.”

Brittany then explained exactly how the shopping trip went down. “I let her pick out basically whatever she wanted out of the whole store, and she picked the scrunchies, a Minnie mouse toilet seat, and 3 tooth brushes 😂😂.” If that isn’t peak toddler behavior, we don’t know what is! She could have gone with, IDK, a new outfit, a Barbie playhouse, a new TV even? But instead she was laser-focused on her getting-ready essentials, and we love that.

“Pahahaha that’s my girl 😂😍” they responded.


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