Brittany Mahomes and Tom Brady’s dad accused of being stingy over tips after viral Tiktoker story

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Asocial media user took to TikToker Jessica O’Connor’s video to accuse Tom Brady Sr., father of NFL legend Tom Brady, of leaving a $50 tip on a $2,000 dinner bill, implying it’s less than five percent.

The comment emerged during a discussion about tipping habits, including allegations against Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, for reportedly not tipping well at a West Hollywood restaurant in 2021.

Sparking controversy
O’Connor’s videos sparked controversy, with fans expressing opinions on social media about the tipping behaviors of both Tom Brady Sr. and Brittany Mahomes. It is unclear whether Tom Brady was present during the mentioned dinner.

“I was a server, barista, bartender. I did every position, and I believe Brittany was in town to shop for her wedding dress,” O’Connor said.

“My first interaction with her, she ran up over a hundred dollars tab. She was with her whole posse. Patrick was not there, but I believe their tab was well over a hundred dollars, maybe like 130, $0 tip.

“And that happens sometimes. So I was willing to let the first one slide and I’m like, maybe she just didn’t like me.

“Maybe it was something I said. But they were there for almost a week, I think, and did not tip a single one of our staff.

And not only did she not tip, she was just genuinely unpleasant… and I will always remember that Brittany, I only judge people based off of their character.

“And I think one of the easiest ways to judge someone’s character is how they treat someone in a position lesser than them. And let’s just say character assessed.”