Brittany Mahomes and her two children – daughter Sterling Skye and son Bronze – had a day filled with laughter recently.

The starting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs is busy with preseason games. Hence, he is unable to spend time with his family. However, Brittany is making the most of her time with her children.

The former soccer player shared videos and pictures of her children. In one of them, her children are swinging and flailing their hands in the air. In other pictures, she gave an update about her daughter’s potty training sessions. She wrote:
“The face of a perfect angel who hasn’t had an accident in two days.”
“Still haven’t left the house to test these skills but we shall see.”

Each day has been a learning experience for her. As her children are growing up, Brittany Mahomes has been busying herself with teaching them various things; one such was potty training. The co-owner of the KC Current shared pictures of her daughter and how she was teaching her to carry out that task.