Brittany Mahomes and daughter Sterling Cruises Mom new $80,000 Escalade reveal leaves fans fuming-see photos of exquisite interior

Summer in America is officially underway, and Patrick Mahomes and his family are among those enjoying it.

On Wednesday, Brittany Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s wife, posted an Instagram Story. It showed themselves, children Sterling Skye and Patrick Lavon III (aka Bronze), and Mahomes’ mother Randi enjoying a coastal vacation at an undisclosed location:

One of the images even had a side-by-side comparison of Mahomes strolling to the sea with Sterling Ski sitting on his arm. The other images prominently featured Bronze:With the Chiefs recently concluding OTA’s and not returning to full practice until next month, Patrick Mahomes has had plenty of time to enjoy outside the gridiron. Recently, he appeared “Yeah, I’m very excited. I mean, that’s what you work for most to win the Super Bowl and get those rings, as they last a lifetime. And to see them, I know they’ve done a great job with them. I got to help out a little bit with the creation process. So they did a great job with them. But tonight is the last night you get to celebrate it. And then we’re moving on to the next season.”I don’t know about the top coming off, but they’re pretty cool; I think they did a great job. I haven’t got to see the final product, but I’ve seen the process of it and given some ideas and stuff like that. You get to have them forever, whatever they look like. They mean, they mean the world. So I mean, it’s cool to have two of them.”