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What is breathing? Breathing in Biology and Basic sciences, is popularly called or known as Respiration. Respiration is the act of taking air into and out of the lungs.

Every living thing, breathes. When air is breathed in, we say air is inhaled. While, when air is breathed out, we say that air is exhaled. The air we breathe in is called oxygen. The air we exhaled or breathed out, is called carbon dioxide.

The breathing organs in the body are;

  1. Mouth
  2. Nostrils
  3. Bronchioles Plural -Bronchi


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Bronchi, is a plural of bronchioles, which is the branches of bronchioles holding tiny sacks of the lungs, responsible for holding the air that we breath in our lungs, through the mouth, nostrils and bronchi.

Breathing Process:

Air breathed in through the nostrils or mouth, passes through the wind pipe into the lungs. When oxygen gets into the body, it burns food substances in the blood, to give the body energy. Carbon dioxide is released and passed out through the nostrils or mouth again.

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Functions Of Breathing Organs ( Respiratory Organs )

  1. Nostrils: draws air into the wind pipe.
  2. Wind Pipe: is a connection between nose and bronchi.
  3. Bronchus: carries air from wind pipe to lungs
  4. Lungs: exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide in the blood takes place here.

Students Activities And Materials Needed:

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  1. A stop watch
  2. A chart of human Respiratory system


1. Look at the diagram of the human respiratory system of man you provided

a . What do you observe? b. can you state the importance of this in our body?

2. Hold your breath or plug your nostrils with your fingers for sixty seconds. What do you feel?

3. a. Find the number of times in which you breath in and out in seconds.

b. Find out how fast you breath in and out in sixty seconds, running a short distance.


Children that are asthmatic, should not take part in this exercises. It is not good for them.

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