“Brainfart”: ‘Dummy’ Shaquille O’Neal Backs Patrick Mahomes against Charles Barkley, Gets Corrected on National TV

NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes recently came on the air along with Shaquille O’Neal and the others on Inside the NBA to promote a golfing event. More specifically, he came on to promote his and Travis Kelce’s stellar upcoming matchup against Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. While talking about this matchup, O’Neal tried to look smart as always. But this time, he hilariously messed up his information on the matter, resulting in quite an embarrassing moment for him on the air. And it was one that Charles Barkley couldn’t help but enjoy the most.

Capital One’s ‘THE MATCH’ will take place on June 29th in Wynn, Las Vegas. It will be streamed on TNT, and of course, there are tickets available to watch the event live in action as well.

Shaquille O’Neal embarrassingly backs Patrick Mahomes to win against Charles Barkley
Shaquille O’Neal just loves getting a leg up on Charles Barkley. So, if he ever sees even a whisker of a chance materialize in front of him, he is always more than willing to take it. However, sometimes the big man gets just a little too overambitious. And as a result, it can sometimes result in hilarious ‘brainfart’ moments live on national television. Take a look at the YouTube video below from the 1:11 mark.

Shaq: “Patrick (Mahomes), I know you’re going to come home with the trophy. I don’t even play golf and I beat Charles Barkley by 4-5 *unintelligible*. I know he got a new coach and a new swing. But trust me, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Chuck: “I’m not playing, he’s playing the Splash Brothers (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson) fool!”

Shaq: “Oh, my bad… brainfart.com!”

Charles Barkley has of course, played in this event before, and boy was he good. In 2020, he and Phil Mickelson stood as victors over Stephen Curry and Peyton Manning. Patrick Mahomes however wasn’t as lucky during his last outing in this event as he ended up bitterly losing to Tom Brady.

Now, the losers from those matchups are back, and they are hungry. Who will win in the end? Whose drive will take them over the top to win Capital One’s ‘THE MATCH’? Tune in on June 29th to find out.

Shaq even challenged Patrick Mahomes to a 2v2 basketball game
Shaquille O’Neal is not one to take comments lightly. Oftentimes, the man can even take things a bit too far, simply because he heard an innocuous comment. And during the same interview, Patrick Mahomes fell victim to just that phenomenon.

You see, the Inside crew was enquiring about Mahomes’s ankle due to an ailment he had suffered. The NFL star responded by saying he is doing fine now, and that he had been working on his jump shot as well.

Enter Shaq. Not only did the man take that comment seriously, but then decided to even challenge Patrick to a 2v2, which kickstarted a hilarious set of comments. Read all about it here.


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