Basic Electricity Grade 5

Basic Electricity grade 5

Basic Electricity Grade 5

Basic Electricity grade 5
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Objectives Of The Lesson

At the end of this lesson, Students should be able to:

  1. Recognize electricity as a form of energy
  2. Explain how electricity is produced
  3. Explain how electricity moves from one place to another
  4. Group materials into conductors and nonconductors
  5. Make a simple electric circuit connection

What is Electricity ?

Electricity is a form of energy, produced in various ways. It is very important in our lives, this is because it gives us light. Almost all appliances in our homes and schools use it.

Appliances that use electricity are radios, fans, televisions, refrigerators, computers, pressing irons and so on. What would life be like if there was no electricity?

Types Of Electricity: There are basically Two types:

  1. Static Electricity
  2. Current Electricity

Static Electricity

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This type of electricity gathers and stays in a position. The existence of this electricity can be verified by rubbing vigorously a plastic pen or rubber comb on wool, fur, or hair, then brought near small pieces of paper. The plastic pen attracts the paper.

Current Electricity:

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This is a type of electricity generating as a result of the movement of electrons in a chemical substances and metals. This is the useful type of electricity.

Simple Circuits And There Examples:

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The electric devises that can be used in simple electric circuits are: cell, battery, fuse, key, lamp.

A Cell:

It is a chemical pack that can give out or store electric current. It can either be wet cell e.g. cells in car battery, or dry cells e.g. torch battery.

A Battery:

It is a group of cells.

A fuse:

A fuse is an electric device used in limiting the quality or current flow in a circuit.

A Circuit:

It is a set of electric devices used to generate energy. e.g. light energy.

A Resistor:

It is an electric device made to produce a particular amount of resistance to the flow of current.


A lamp is an electric device that produces light as a result of its heated filament.

The Use Of Switches and Fuse:

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  1. As a device use to close or open a circuit
  2. use to connect or disconnect electricity in a circuit

Short Circuit:

If there is a fault in a circuit, it may suddenly cause s very large current to pass through the circuit. The wires in the house could then be overheated. It is very dangerous to allow this to happen as it may cause a fire. If, unfortunately it does, we say there is short circuiting. How then do we then prevent short circuiting and a fire outbreak in our homes and in our schools? This can be done through the use of a fuse.


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The fuse is a piece of wire connected in a circuit. When there is a fault, the fuse melt and broken. When this happens the circuit is open and electric current prevent a fire outbreak which may arise when there is short circuiting.

Some Uses Of Electricity:

  1. It gives us heat
  2. Electricity gives us light
  3. we use it for cooking our food
  4. we it for our fans
  5. we use it for pressing iron e.t.c.

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