Angel Reese Knows “I Got A Nice Little Body” So Why Not Show It

Angel Reese is feeling herself these days. From the Tony Yayo “you can’t see me” hand shuffle energy she gave Caitlin Clark to her multiple media appearances since winning the NCAA women’s basketball championship, Reese’s profile has elevated beyond the hardwood. Now she fully is joining the trend of famous women to exposing their bodies in various ways, but some things placed on the internet might be better left for the personal files.

Recently, lingerie pictures of 21-year-old “Bayou Barbie” have surfaced from her newly minted modeling career post-championship. The images include Reese posing seductively with the sexy outfit she shared on her Instagram. They have since been deleted, but the internet never forgets.

It’s Nothing New
On Reese’s 20th birthday last year, she also took some pics in designer underwear, poking her assets out and letting the world know she feels adorable while managing her immense success at a young age. However, with a national sports win comes the scrutiny that once escaped her regular business flow.

Reese is starting to feel another level of judgment in the post-Caitlin Clark disrespectful on-court moment. Now those who look at her as a role model for young women looking to succeed in sports or overall life are confused.

There have been opportunities like the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue featuring Reese, who joins popular LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne who also appears in the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It looks like SI is doubling down on its LSU focus.

“I am unapologetically Angel, I am who I am,” Reese says in the SI Swimsuit behind the scene . I embrace my body and who I am…I’m 6’3, I work out a lot so I mean why not show it. I got a nice little body so, when I go to the beach or go to the pool and everybody’s looking its like, ‘damn, you’re sexy, girl.”