A Taylor Swift Fan Has Given A Terrifying First-Hand Account Of Their Experience At The Rio Concert Where A Swiftie Died As The Organizer Admits They Could Have Done More

Last Friday, 23-year-old Taylor Swift fan Ana Clara Benevides Machado tragically died while attending the star’s Eras tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

While it was initially reported that Ana had died before Taylor took to the stage, it was later said that she actually fell ill during the second song on Taylor’s setlist, passing out during “Cruel Summer.”

Ana Clara was taken to a local hospital but later died. Her cause of death is currently unconfirmed, but it is believed to be connected to the dangerous heat wave that was impacting Brazil at the time.

Fans waited for hours in the sun ahead of Taylor’s show, and venue rules reportedly banned them from bringing their own water bottles inside. In videos from the concert, Taylor can be seen requesting water for her fans, and at one point even threw a bottle into the crowd herself.

On Saturday, Taylor canceled her scheduled concert shortly before she was due to take to the stage due to the “extreme temperatures” in Rio.

And TikToker Derick Rilea, who also attended Friday’s Rio show, recently shed some more light on the troubling situation inside of the stadium as he shared his own experience from the concert.

In a video, Derick says that he suffered heat stroke after attending Taylor’s show as he detailed “the chaos” that began as soon as he got to the stadium when venue staff apparently didn’t know which gate his ticket allowed him entrance from.

As a result of the confusion, Derick ended up running around the large stadium trying to find the correct entry point himself. When he finally found the correct gate, he was prevented from entering until he threw away the two sealed 1.5 liter bottles of water that he’d bought especially because of the heat.