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8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022

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Eight twitter features that make you rich quick in 2022:

8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022

Are you planning to start making money with your Twitter account? 
In this article, I will share with you 8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022.

This article will teach you how to make use of these tools to start conversation, monetize your contents and create community for business.

Twitter For Professionals

In learning about 8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022, you will know that Twitter nowadays, allows business accounts. Unlike majority of the social channels or network. Twitter doesn’t different between personal account and professional, until recently in mind-2021, where Twitter incepted rolling out professional profiles for business. With a professional profile, you can customize your bio and let people know about your business.

Quick Promote is available with professional accounts, which is a new option for promoting contents, the same thing to boosting posts on Facebook. With quick Promote, you can pay to sponsor contents, through campaign creation processes.

How To Switch Over to a Professional Account On Twitter

To Switch to a Professional account, open the left-hand menu in the Twitter app or browser. Select Twitter for Professionals and click the “Agree and continue button” in the pop-up. Next, choose the category that best describes your business. You can scroll through the list.

Then choose between Business and Creator. Twitter recommends that brands,organizations, and service providers choose Business, while public figures and influencers choose Creator.

To use the Quick Promote feature, first find the content you want to sponsor. Click the analytics icon in the lower right and click the blue Promote Your Tweet button. Then customize your audience demographics and choose a budget. Click the blue Create Promotion button to start running your ad.

Twitter Shopping Opportunities:

8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022

For those having interest in shopping online, Twitter have already started testing its own version of an integrated shopping tool. In July 2021, Twitter launched a pilot version of its Shop Module, which essentially allows brands to create shopable profiles.

Brands with access to Shop Modules can set up a dedicated product showcase at the top of their profile.Then visitors can swipe through the product carousel and tap to learn more or purchase via the in-app browser.

Twitter Newsletters:

8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022

Very cool. Twitter acquired newsletter service Revue and began testing its Newsletters feature. Now any account can publish newsletters via Revue and promote them via the Twitter integration.

To start working with your brand’s Revue newsletter, navigate to Twitter in a desktop browser and open the left-hand menu. Select Newsletters and click the blue “Find Out More button” to set up an account and start sending newsletters. Because Revue allows you to import email lists, you can begin using the platform with the list you already have.

You can also create free newsletters with Revue, the platform also offers a paid model.Which means you can charge a subscription fee for your newsletter and get paid for creating high-valued contents.

Twitter provides users with the opportunity to add a subscription button to your profile.This module displays just below your bio, so users can learn about your newsletter and subscribe easily.

To sign up for the newsletter, visitors can simply click Subscribe and confirm their contact information.

Twitter Super Follows:

8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022

In September 2021,Twitter platform began rolling out Super Follows, a native subscription feature. Selected creators can offer Super Follow subscriptions for a monthly fee begining at approximately $3.

Supper Follows And Tips:

In some cases, creators can use both Super Follows and Tips, which is another new feature Twitter began enrolling out in September 2021. While Super Follows provides access to exclusive subscription content, Tips offers a way for users to show their support, once or as often as they choose.

For example @MeducateOnline creates content for super followers and allows all followers to show their support via Tips.

Twitter Spaces:

8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022
By Meducate Online.

Twitter rolled out its audio feature Spaces to all users starting in May 2021, allowing brands to host or join audio conversations. To find spaces to join on Twitter, open the Twitter mobile app and check at the top of your timeline for spaces hosted by accounts you follow.

Tap any live space and press the Join This Space button to begin listening. Depending on the host’s settings, you may also be able to request to speak in the space.

If you’r ready to start your Twitter space, click the plus icon in the lower-right corner of the mobile app and select Spaces from the menu.Give your space a name and your relevant topics.

Then start your space instantly or schedule it for later. You’r at liberty to schedule your space for up to one week or more in advance.

It’s very important to have control over who joins your event before you host your first space. All spaces are public so anyone aside from accounts you’ve blocked can listen. But you don’t have toallow everyone to talk. You can invite up to 8 people to speak and you can mute the sound at any time.

You may also be able to save and reshare spaces in the near future, if the Twitter finish the testing recording that they started in October 2021.

Twitter also has a ticketed hosting space. With ticketed spaces, you can set an admission fee and collect up to 96% of the revenue. It’s important to know that, ticketed spaces are in beta, and require submitting application through the Twitter app.

Twitter Communities:

8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022

For anyone to the most out of 8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022, the platform has provided a feature that’s allows users to design and develop smaller interest-based groups, called “Twitter Communities”, which is similar to “Facebook Groups”. Twitter Communities give members opportunity to start conversations or ask questions on certain topics, giving users permission to share knowledge within the community.

You might also request an invitation to join a community where your team can add value and drive brand awareness related to their niches. For instance, website developers, digital marketers and app developers can put themselves together and work as a team, sharing Ideas and exchange tips.

Twitter Conversation Settings:

8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022
By Meducate Online

It may actually be difficult to reply to all the conversations your posts generate and welcome everyone who joins the community if your posts gain more attractions from members at a particular time and when everyone is allowed to reply to your tweets, conversations can get out of misshaps and there by decreasing the value of your content.

To get this problem solved, Twitter has been rolling out new features to limit who can reply to your tweets. When you publish or schedule a tweet in the app, every account can now limit replies to people they follow or people they mention. Now you can change who can reply to your tweet even after you publish it.

To change this permission, click the three dots on any tweet you’ve published and select Change ‘Who Can Reply” and then choose between people you follow and people you mention.

Twitter Blue And Worthy Subscription:

8 Twitter Features That Make You Rich Quick In 2022

Twitter Blue is a monthly subscription, that allows users to have full access to some value added features. This paid subscription service is brand-new to U.S. based Twitter users since November 2021.

To access this subscription opportunity, go to the left-hand menu in the app and unlock this opportunity, to skyrocket your brand awareness. With the monthly subscription of $3, you can get access to the following valueable features:

  • 1. Longer upload times, so that you can tweet video content that lasts up to 10 minutes.
  • 2. Pinned conversations to clean up your DMs and make navigation more efficient.
  • 3. Bookmark folders, To help you organize all tweets you have saved, to be able to reread later.
  • 4. Reader format, which transforms long Twitter threads into a more efficient reading experience.
  • 5. Ad-free articles from major U.S. publishers so that you can catch up on the news without any distractions. But doesn’t allow you to read content behind the pay-walls.
  • 6. A list of top articles, so that you can keep up with the most popular and most share-worthy content in your network.
  • 7. An Undo button, that lets you fix typos, add missed tags, or rework your message to make sure it sounds the way you like.

Summery And Conclusion:

• Twitter nowadays, allows business accounts. Unlike majority of the social channels or network and does not different between personal account and professional, until recently in mind-2021.

  • 1. If your team uses Twitter for customer service, pinning DMs could help you keep track of conversations that still need resolutions.

2. Whether you want to monetize your presence on Twitter or build a stronger community around your business, you have a long list of new features and tool, to help your business plan in 2022.

3. Twitter Blue and community-building features, has vast opportunities for brands and creators to build their strong businesses.

4. Having interest to join key conversations in your niche? the Top Articles feature can help you avoid missing out and remind you to share popular content.