24 Years After Serena Williams’ Controversial Move, Venus Williams Paints True Picture With an Unexpected Confession

Imagine a hidden story from 24 years ago suddenly coming to light! Well, that’s what Venus Williams did when she talked about the 2000 US Open. The event, which was filled with controversies and judgements saw Serena Williams and Venus Williams bow out of the event which sparked a lot of criticism from the fans. Back then, their dad said Serena dropped out because she lost a match, and later it came out that she suffered an injury which became a major reason for withdrawal.

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But, as it turns out, the tale we all heard about why Venus and Serena withdrew from the doubles wasn’t quite right. In a recent revelation, Venus Williams came ahead and sparked the real reason behind why they decided to bow out of the event.

In a recent revelation, Venus Williams came ahead and talked about the controversy from 24 years ago, while suggesting what truly happened during the 2000 US Open. Contrary to what people believed, Venus says it was her calf injury, not Serena’s, that led them to withdraw from the doubles competition.

Venus remembers playing through her calf sprain and even winning the singles tournament. “We had to withdraw and I can’t remember why but I feel like I sprained my calf and I still had to continue to play singles and I would have I would not have been able to handle the strain of both cuz I ended up winning the tournament my calf was really pulled um incidentally,” said Venus Williams while reflecting on her injury that she suffered.

However, this really contradicts the incidents that happened at the event in 2000. Back then, their dad, Richard Williams, had said Serena withdrew because she lost a match, not mentioning her actual injury. “She’s out of the tournament because Lindsay beat her. To be honest with you, she shouldn’t have played [against Davenport]. But she’s headstrong. Serena just had to prove she’s right.”